Helping you with COVID-19

In this time of crisis, we would like to begin by thanking all those who are working hard to protect and provide for the basic needs of the population. Every organization has had to find new ways of working to protect their employees and clients, while taking into account government and health guidelines. It is more necessary than ever to be a cohesive community and to take care of ourselves and others during these uncertain times.

To help you, Merinio offers you a special version of its software for free.

With the increasing number of cases and the rapid changes in security procedures to be followed, it is essential that employers be able to communicate quickly with their employees. Equipping yourself with the right system can allow you to process more information, faster and without errors.

When it comes to propagation, we have found that communication is key. Employers have a responsibility to inform other team members who may have been infected, place them in quarantine and keep them informed of developments throughout this period. This can be a long, risky and complex process when the right tools are not available. It is even more delicate when you have to collect all absence calls and categorize them quickly, in addition to the other tasks your small team must perform, sometimes remotely.

What we can offer

Our team takes care of the deployment of the solution entirely remotely in one hour and there is no commitment required. This special version of the software contains:

A communication system that allows managers to send text messages, emails or notifications to employees to inform them of the status of the situation or changes in your procedures

An automated telephone system that collects absences and delays.

A system to categorize absences by reason to determine if they are due to COVID-19, or some other reason that would not affect the rest of your team.

How it works

You will find below the simple implantation timeline of our software and videos showing you how to use it under certain circumstances.

1. Send a message to your employees

2. Notify of an absence via the mobile application

3. Notify of an absence via the automated calling system

Our Clients

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