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Take advantage of the current slowdown in tourism activities to improve your internal processes. Increase the efficiency of your workforce management to make the most of the upcoming business recovery!

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Increase the productivity of your teams

Maximize the profitability of your operations by making optimal use of your human resources.

Guarantee unparalleled service

Offer an impeccable level of service at all times, regardless of the unexpected, to ensure the loyalty of your visitors.

Avoid union conflicts

Guarantee the conformity of your schedules thanks to a software that adapts to your internal and union rules.

Configure the software to your reality

Facilitate inter-season knowledge transfer with easy-to-use software configured for your business.

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Cost control: how to improve productivity white eliminating overstaffing & overtime.

Over the last few years, we have noticed that adapting to unforeseen events is one of the major causes of lost productivity. Very often, the response to these situations is to mobilize more employees or to offer overtime. The contingencies we are referring to are fluctuations in your labor needs. In both cases, we find that the ability of managers and supervisors to adapt is the key to success.

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Save time on a daily basis

Reduce your schedule management time by 75% thanks to our various automated tools.

Ensure schedule compliance

Create impeccable schedules despite the diversity of your employees' availability, whether they are seasonal, part-time or full-time.

Adapt to the unexpected

Be protected from the whims of the weather with tools that allow you to fill or cancel multiple shifts with just a few clicks. Make sure you fill your shifts quickly by reaching eligible employees automatically by the method of their choice (call, SMS, notification or email).

Empower employees

Automatically collect availability, absences and working hours via an employee self-service platform.

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reduction of claims and grievances related to schedules
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