Facilitate Absence Management

Absences are inevitable and directly affect your planning, why not automate their management? Managing the absences and leaves of a large number of employees, as well as adjusting the schedule and pay accordingly, can quickly become a headache. These adjustments, often last minute, are demanding and often a source of errors.

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Communicate faster with your employees

Lighten your workload by allowing employees to enter their absences and lateness themselves via our self-service platform and be notified in real time.

Share all the necessary information

Be assured of the reliability of the hours paid and the counting of vacations in order to preserve the satisfaction of your employees and the accuracy of your expenses.

Adapt quickly and effortlessly

Minimize scheduling issues and time spent making adjustments by automatically identifying and replacing absent employees.

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Cost control: how to improve productivity white eliminating overstaffing & overtime.

Over the last few years, we have noticed that adapting to unforeseen events is one of the major causes of lost productivity. Very often, the response to these situations is to mobilize more employees or to offer overtime. The contingencies we are referring to are fluctuations in your labor needs. In both cases, we find that the ability of managers and supervisors to adapt is the key to success.

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reduction of claims and grievances related to schedules
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