Facilitate Internal Communications

Are you having trouble getting information to employees quickly and ensuring that they have received your communications? With a larger number of employees or variable schedules, quickly communicating information to all stakeholders can be tedious. Missing or partial information sometimes leads to both internal and external conflicts, and resolving them is a daunting task.

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Communicate faster with your employees

Make sure you reach your teams quickly, easily and at all times. Offer shifts and share all relevant information in just a few clicks.

Share all the necessary information

Thanks to the multiple communication tools integrated in Merinio, fill your shifts quickly and make sure the job is done perfectly. Communicate all the necessary information directly to employees by the method of their choice, via call, SMS, notification or email.

Adapt quickly and effortlessly

Automatically adapt your planning by taking into account the availabilities and absences entered directly into the software by your employees.

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3 tips to make you cut your management time in half

Is schedule management a task crucial to the smooth running of your operations? These three easy tips can help you save more than half the time spent on this daily task. Our tips aim to reduce repetitive actions by promoting collaboration and reduce cognitive load and errors by taking advantage of the technologies at your disposal.

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Highly engaged users
of schedule management time saved
of dispatching time saved
reduction of claims and grievances related to schedules
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