Your labor shortage solution.

Automate shift scheduling and dispatching.

The Employee Scheduling Software built for security, staffing and shift workers.

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Manage your workforce the efficient way

Our Employee Scheduling Software is designed to comply with your reality by seamlessly integrating your business rules, and easily adapting to unexpected events. Increase your team's productivity by making the best use of your available workforce and fulfill a greater number of contracts while avoiding excessive hiring and overtime costs.

Simplify your entire schedule cycle

Apply data-driven insights, real-time feedback, and automation to build accurate schedules, improve communication and reduce labor shortages.

Reinvent your shift callouts

Maximize your shift coverage with faster dispatching with our Automated Calling System to identify, reach and replace employees in no time and without headache.

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Build Smart

Auto-assign employees instantly

Comply to your business rules and customer requirements

Create client-centric schedules with project management

Automate Shift

Automate shift callouts with faster dispatching

Adapt to unexpected events

Reach employees quickly using calls, SMS or mobile app

Control budgets
and labor costs

Automate timecard validation with real-time visibility

Easily capture overtime and automate premium calculations

Streamline your timesheets to payroll


Share news seamlessly and instantly on multiple platforms

Facilitate engagement between departments

Empower employees with a self-serve platform

Streamline your operations, reduce labor shortages and increase efficiency.

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Why users love our platform
Operational Senior Advisor

Easy to use and implement
Excellent! Our project manager at Merinio is very close to us and very helpful. He takes time to understand our needs and get back to us very quickly. The employees and our scheduling team find the application easy to use. We have now over 350 people using the app and it makes our life much easier.

Team Manager

A must have for several years
After integrating Merinio to our business, we gained a lot of insights on our employees’ schedule and their needs. We were able to centralize a lot of information and provide an easy and carefree employee experience. The Merinio team is super responsive and super friendly.

Director – Customer Experience

Easy to use and exceptional support
The software is easy to use. All the tools are well explained. The support team is wonderful, always there to help!

Accounting Clerk

Excellent Product
The Merinio software is easy to use. It requires only a few hours of practice and you're good to go. Contacting employees is so easy. Integrating the Covid questionnaire, bulletin board, schedules, etc. is super simple as well. The technical support is excellent, fast, and attentive. I strongly recommend it.

Account Director

I love it!
It's user friendly and quick to learn. It's a complete system to help us manage our employees.

Site Supervisor

Wonderful Software
I love Merinio for its simplicity and real-time schedule updates and sharing them with my team in the field.

Operations Supervisor

The program is great, the app is 'oh my god'
Simple, easy, user friendly, I love it!!!!! Everything is easy to manage, and in simplicity.

Proven customer impact of using Merinio
75% time saved on schedule management
90% time saved on shift callouts
Increased shift coverage
Improved customer and employee satisfaction


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