Easily capture time worked.
Integrate your timesheets to payroll

Make processing payrolls easy

Use our cloud-based employee timesheets and be assured of the reliability of the hours paid and the counting of vacation days in order to preserve the satisfaction of your employees and the accuracy of your expenses.

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Track Time

When employees clock in and out of their shift, time is registered automatically and precisely in our software database. Configure different limits for punching in or out, at the start or end of the shift.

Minimize Labor Costs

Gain insights and have real-time visibility that allows you to better manage budgets by automatically calculating and distributing overtime based on hours worked per day or per week. Get warnings when building schedules and when some employees are at risk of overtime.

Link Employee Timesheets to Payroll

Link your employees' schedules, the actual time they worked, their premium pays for overtime and unusual hours to your payroll system.


Automated Pause Attribution

Payroll overtime & wage premium

Punch Clock 


Time-off, Attendance & Availability

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you need answers to.

How is Merinio going to handle shift bookings if my team members are unavailable on certain days or times during the week?

We will collect employees' availabilities. They can specify the time they're available for each day of the week and block out days that they want to be off.

Will it work if we have seasonal operations?

Yes, many of our customers have seasonal employees. Since you pay per active user, you can archive most of your staff during the low season and reactivate them once the high season starts again. This way, you'll be able to keep all the history from the previous season while saving money.

Does your software work if we have multiple sites, locations, or clients?

Of course! Our system is specifically made to easily manage multiple teams, locations, projects and departments. Let us show you how and book a demo.

Can employees have multiple emails and phone numbers?

Yes, every user can have multiple email addresses and phone numbers. They can also easily choose if they prefer being contacted by phone, SMS, pop-up notifications or email.

Can I set up multiple managers? Can we restrict access to different levels of positions, for instance Manager vs. Super Manager?

Yes, the flexibility in our permission panel enables you to create group permissions based on your operations and different positions. Multiple managers on multiple levels of permissions can work on the platform at the same time.

Does your app work on smartphones?

Absolutely! Our app can be used both on iPhones and Android phones.

Is this solution adaptable to 24/7 staffing operations?

Yes, of course! Many of our customers have 24/7 operations.

Does your app have a punch clock?

Merinio offers a punching system. Employees will be able to punch directly on their schedule or use our punch terminal. The system can crunch your data in order to import them easily in your payroll system. You can control premiums, overtime, and add paid or unpaid breaks.